Sunday, January 19, 2014

Maladroit Malfunction

Soothe the thoughts with a distraction
Simultaneously losing all this traction
Left within this maladroit dictation
Just to follow further demonstration
A fresh viewpoint on this discarded
More samples constructing the departed
All the ways in which to communicate
Proves the theories we wish to demonstrate
The predictions that play the fool
Have defined another rule
Take a look at what's corroding
Unable to find a proper decoding
This malfunction has made its own error
Such circumstance has brought sheer terror
What's been established could be fine
To those looking at a different sign
The value of such a jurisdiction
Is lost among the lines of fiction

The Fallen View

I can't help but say all that i hear
All the motives are crystal clear
All the matches are on strike
And so the fire lost its spike
Everyone stops when it begins
Just to watch as the story spins
Rippling out of control
Never willing to pay the toll
But adore the flaws and give the Grace
All of which I'd not erase
All the cracks that are shown
Will not be forever alone
It's all the cause of another find
Pure perfection will leave one blind
All the compassion for the for the chosen best
True examples of trivial tests
There's not a want to be well
Just to look down on all that's fell

The Rush of Eternity

Take a couple steps away
And look into this brighter grey
When we're given only air
We just can't measure what is there
Fallen on the saving sword
Searching for another Lord
Finding yet another idol
The same are given a different title
Through the rush or eternity
Rules that don't concern the free
Learning only from the great
One must not doubt their fate
There is nothing left to choose
We all win and we all lose
All this hope is for the best
All for what we have confessed
And now you can look again 
And learn from other Holy Men

Fragments to Grasp

Specify this definition
Hail the power of repetition
Common courtesy comes in not knowing
The well is far from overflowing
The desire for things to stay still
Deciphers the days we never will
The fact that I couldn't help but stare
Shows the changes to this affair
The opportunities that come and go
Are each a fraction of the lights that glow
This persistence is taking shape
Grasping for the masks and capes
 All the love shown in consistency
Proves its presence again in history
Other components factor in
What redundancy could have been  

Give and Take

Proper wording of all that's told
These explanations need something to hold
and of course this is the perfect word
any other would be so absurd
another journey to find a fact
losing every contact
As the others give and take
Looking at what they all make
tiresome and so deprived
seeming as if others thrived
beneficial for the lists
Scrutinizing through different fists
Fascination for this stellar cause
Another cluster of different flaws
Love the days that will occur
Love the ways you never were
Because these ways will define
The things I never wanted to be mine

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Lead the Handles

Welcoming all into the greeting
Seems untrue with others fleeing
It seems irrational that we are
The leading cause to a newer czar
Facing newer ways to rule
Taking handles from the cruel
Every story needs a start
Corrupted into a work of art
To be neurotic, to be so ill
If you don't accept then you never will
I can't tell if this saving grace
Is meant to be subtle or in one's face
Glory is caught in the example
If the sacrifice is ample
And the flame continues to grow
So one's true holiness can show
Building up and adding suspense
Logic lost with what we call sense

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Persistence's Struggle

Some are clear, others contained
Looking back at all who's reigned
But there's nothing to look for
Wondering who's keeping score
Premeditated in a sense
Added to the next offense
It's not normal just to stay
Still and solemn in a proper way
Find new ways to get ahead
Unaware that others fled
Unaware of what to find
And how the plots have intertwined
It's just as easy as letting go 
But the question is never so
Find new reasons to ignite
The tenacity made me lose my sight
I think I've finally found the one 
Persisting just to see the sun 

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Regards to Acceptance

Not a bad place to find
Others in this state of mind
It is nice to have found more
Another behind every door
Some things others can't say
May finally reach the light of day
A new acceptance to those
Who can see more than what shows
And we can't disregard this skill 
As another frozen still
Finding some who know how to speak
While they're searching for what to seek
And do not listen to the ones
Who say they know how the story runs
Because it truly is a waste
If you confine to where your placed
There's something to it I can't explain
Especially to those who claim they're sane

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Shattered Alignment

If it can't be saved then it can't be written
While all the others refuse to listen
Another review of what shall be
As some align themselves happily
A plethora of mistaken light
As the shattered image dawns overnight
 Clusters are the words to speak
Such a tale of what we seek
Find a new way to stand
As the fractures segments disband
All the strands must be precise
And the praise isn't worth the price
The winning prize is left on a string
Oh disguise, what a lovely thing
It's no surprise to where we lean
An analysis of the discarded screen
All the theories that we condone
Will eventually disprove us on their own

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Time's Theft

The beings have nothing left to borrow
So content in their own sorrow
There seems to be no cause for relief
Because time happens to be the only thief
What occurs to the best
Must have always been forever blessed
Trying to cause the weak who will
Just to find the proper fill
And I wish to say not to despair
But some want to have their share
What a sight to behold
As another concept's sold
And from all logic one can infer
That things are not the way they were
Everything will always