Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Persistence's Struggle

Some are clear, others contained
Looking back at all who's reigned
But there's nothing to look for
Wondering who's keeping score
Premeditated in a sense
Added to the next offense
It's not normal just to stay
Still and solemn in a proper way
Find new ways to get ahead
Unaware that others fled
Unaware of what to find
And how the plots have intertwined
It's just as easy as letting go 
But the question is never so
Find new reasons to ignite
The tenacity made me lose my sight
I think I've finally found the one 
Persisting just to see the sun 

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Regards to Acceptance

Not a bad place to find
Others in this state of mind
It is nice to have found more
Another behind every door
Some things others can't say
May finally reach the light of day
A new acceptance to those
Who can see more than what shows
And we can't disregard this skill 
As another frozen still
Finding some who know how to speak
While they're searching for what to seek
And do not listen to the ones
Who say they know how the story runs
Because it truly is a waste
If you confine to where your placed
There's something to it I can't explain
Especially to those who claim they're sane

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Shattered Alignment

If it can't be saved then it can't be written
While all the others refuse to listen
Another review of what shall be
As some align themselves happily
A plethora of mistaken light
As the shattered image dawns overnight
 Clusters are the words to speak
Such a tale of what we seek
Find a new way to stand
As the fractures segments disband
All the strands must be precise
And the praise isn't worth the price
The winning prize is left on a string
Oh disguise, what a lovely thing
It's no surprise to where we lean
An analysis of the discarded screen
All the theories that we condone
Will eventually disprove us on their own

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Time's Theft

The beings have nothing left to borrow
So content in their own sorrow
There seems to be no cause for relief
Because time happens to be the only thief
What occurs to the best
Must have always been forever blessed
Trying to cause the weak who will
Just to find the proper fill
And I wish to say not to despair
But some want to have their share
What a sight to behold
As another concept's sold
And from all logic one can infer
That things are not the way they were
Everything will always 

From Fear to Fall

One so guilty of falling here
Claims to have escaped each fear
Looks at the world in a new way
Loves to live for every day
But cannot see wrong from right
And cannot see why there is spite
One can only hope for the best
I don't know what the statement addressed
Unable to tell if the phase will pass
Put yourself in a different class
It can all be a wish come true
If you only see one point of view
We all see what we want to see
Accepting only who we want to be
There is no concern in this happy place
Because it's just a void in space
And though it is the perfect "where"
Many will no longer see the spare

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Vacant Stillness

A circle still can be found
This chorus doesn't make a sound
This franchise seems to be forsaken
Seeing all the options taken
A salvation within a verse
All the things that couldn't get worse
Litanies saved with all the luck
Broken down where lightning struck
Acknowledgements to those with clarity
Facing accounts of another heresy
Revolution is possible given the space
Existing for the saving race
Oh please cure us from this illness
Unaware due to vacant stillness

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Signs of Praise

How'd you like to find the time
To be the hero of another climb 
To be the victim of another fall
How do we sustain it all
A reason spirit, A fallen leader
Coming soon to the nearest theater
Searching for enduring remains
Just to see what one contains
All the things that some can't hear
Seem to be a fraction of the spear
All discussions seem so deadly
When they correspond to the medley
Just as twisted as it is symphonic
Watching as some become neurotic
With the status to review the references
You must consider their different preferences
Can't I wish to stop this phase
Examining as no one stops these ways
So you must begin again 
Understanding only then
All these lovely, vacant signs
All the different shades and designs
But I cannot see this right
Through the consistency of corrupted light
Having yet another corrupted vision
Longing for one more decision
Not correct to have a say
Broken glass shall pave the way
Knowing that it can't all be true
Forget to factor in what's new
You had me at the perfect praise 
But promise me you'll stop this phase
All the majorities that never cease
It's all about keeping the peace
I can't explain and I couldn't begin
Because of the lesson that we are in
And though some may view this as the past
I hope you know that these ways will last
All the curtains add suspense 
Wondering what lies beyond the fence
In and out of another craze
It's just a view on another phase
But it cannot go away
A different fiction to portray
Seeming to make matters worse
You are my gift beloved curse

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Evaporating Extras

What are the right words to bear
When your seeing only air
And the choices make you think 
As if bound into this rink
Just a matter on how to prepare
Told in the style in which you care
The descent shall make its way
In the lessons we can't say
This serpent cannot contain the mind
Seeming to leave the future behind
And what power still lies 
In hollow and vacant eyes
It's a manifestation of deception
What's an opinion to a reception
So much time is to compare
Keep the extra, Lose the spare
Tales of the lives at stake
Waiting to find the ones who break
Acceptance of an unwritten task
Brings such sorrow if one dares to ask
Found another way to save
And destruction is what to crave

Monday, October 7, 2013

Unheard Voices

Ribbons lost in every word
For some thoughts remain unheard
Every idea, every name
Why must we remain the same
Troubled minds with troubled fashions
Love, it gives, but hate, it rations
There are those who cannot speak
Some will try with a voice too weak
How will they make it across
The chasm of impending loss
How will we fight what we fear
Live each smile and each tear
Please ignore the thoughts that go
Every arrow needs a bow
Every phrase needs a thought
A meaning so sincere it can’t be bought
Name the times you were not true
But what do the names mean to you

I apologize for the fact that this took me longer to post than I expected But I'm back to posting poems. i don't know if I'll be posting poems daily anymore either but I will still always post when i have something. I pretty much used all of my archives and therefore I don't have as much material on hand but i will continue writing and make sure to keep this updated.
Thanks for reading.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

What Remains?

All pleasures fade away
But do all horrors decay
Happiness conquers all
Depression will be your downfall
You can’t live happiness
Some say ignorance is bliss
Love will last forever
Anger will never surrender
Feeling guilty is never good
Our confusion is understood
Favored minds accept favored things
The rich and wise make good kings
Reminisce fallen memories
No one knows what the tremor means
Sick at heart and sick in soul
Give back all the truth you stole
And so to lie is to die
But to live is to give
Can this all be true
Can this really help you
Are honesty and truth the same
Or is it just another accepted claim
Can we decide what is evil or good
Can the truth even be understood
I wish these questions would be
A way for some to finally see
This light that others refuse
But this light will never lose
 And a necessary stitch seems to contain
An ode of justice to end the pain
But it also has to seal
The wounds that one might fear to heal
But an array of books can only go so far
Until they’re burned to light the dark
A past that remains unseen
By the eyes who reject the mean
The thinking is just a new way to believe
Goals not once or ever achieved
All I think is all I thank
If these are waves of mercy than my ship sank
Clever stanzas lie in the past
Making a voice for all the last
But the present can’t accept a factor obscure
But the present cannot ignore
The words may be discarded but take a look
 It still may lie in a dusty book
Stay on page
Another act of rage
That’s an opinion as a matter of fact
Ideals are the ones that cracked
Translate what’s in your head
To all the words that can be read
That’s what I meant to say but I can’t think
As it’s all just a matter of ink
Stay on page as the spirals fade
Know the words will be the way they were made
Everything just feels so clear
My path has found me and it is here
Spontaneously safe along the end
A dosage of this crooked trend
Containing reason as a strand
Remember just where you stand
One inclined to write demise
A newborn feeling is on the rise 
Reciprocating a distorted mind
All these things I refuse to find
Just an effort lost in vain
 Deny the acceptance to be sane
What power lies in a drowning fire
No reason to ever admire
Never know what a word will mean
Now part of a different scene
 So should we raise the stakes
The answer lies in the burning lake
What lies within the abyss
This world remains with its twisted bliss
The sun will give birth to a new day
And the moon will stay until the stars decide to stray
All days seem to leave a trait behind
All restrictions seem to shackle a free mind
Minds contained within the glass
Though this is the one no one seems to pass
And in the time of this destination
In the time of hope’s creation
We will be as one
We will fight for none
And you can’t take our mind and you can’t take our soul
And you can’t take our lives and just let go
But maybe next time we might find some other way
And maybe next time we might be the ones astray
But as we wait for another day to go by
Did you ever stop and ask why
Do the days go by in a blur
It’s hard to remember where you were
We should learn to enjoy the little things
Where they will take us and what they bring
That’s why regretting is not a way to live
Wasting all the remarks you give
I accept it loud and clear
You can’t escape what you fear
Truth lies behind all the riddles
Art is portrayed in all the fiddles
We all want to play a role
In the story and how it’s told
Days are endless and yet the same
But these are the tragedies we live to claim
Past the sky is where we try to reach
We do not want all that we beseech
Strive to strain the strength
We learn to let life gain length
But the sharper the edge the shorter the sword
We do not state all we record
But why if life is a one shot chance
And later you get a second glance
This life is not a game to play
Or at least that’s what they say
So for the life we have grown
Not the right, not the known
Not the truth or a lie
Just a spirit to try
Do all phrases mean the most
When the mind is the words host
Or can it only come from the heart
For complications of love and hate to ever start
Because the heart hates just as much
As the love it used as a crutch
We believe hate is only in the hearts of the hollow
But take a look at who you follow
These bitter words ring so true
When they are a part of you
These bitter words are a beacon
If you say that than why not speak them
Because the capacity seems to fade
For the letters one has made
Write about the trouble you’ve had
And it becomes the latest fad
You can really get a story sold
If the concept isn’t too bold
Policies tell us what to say and what to do
They’ll make you into something that isn’t you
They’ll kill our true form
They make us become reborn 
But in the end words are true, words are us
Words still can save us from the rust
Words are you, words are me
Word teach us the harmony
In the mind, in the plan
Remember just where you stand
Let’s rewind, restart this thought
Truthful words are what we sought

Thank you for reading! More poems to come by September at the latest (Hopefully Sooner). I hope you all enjoyed these (mostly) brief pieces and I'm glad you took the time to read them.


Saturday, June 22, 2013

Red Red Revolver

I think I found the best fit
A cell locked away in a pit
And now this fortune is for sale
A map of your future cannot fail
This is what I was told
Light the ink so the words don't grow cold
Red Red Revolver let's play a game
If I die you're still the same
And this is where I stand
This machine is part of my hand
A chamber where some want to be
A chamber holding just these three
The father showed the son the holy shell
A place from grace that never fell
And so a shell is all that remains
Watching as the color drains
But the color stains just as so
The only outstretched arm one seems to know
When there is nothing to hold on to
A familiar handle feels so true
Red Red Revolver I've buried the ash
I can feel it when our lives clash
I hope you know you're in my sight
But when I'm in yours I can't withstand the fight
The cylinder I wish to be
'Tis the cylinder that some flee
A hammer stronger than I've ever known
One prepared to strike the bone
Red Red Revolver we've come to grips
And so many have kissed your lips
The judgement to keep one on guard 
So one shall not pull the trigger too hard
And now the bullet's at the ready
Be sure to aim so slow and steady
And now I know with trust I place
Primer and powder within the case
Shocked and in awe close to the muzzle 
A way for some to solve the puzzle
 And the barrel will contain 
All the secrets kept by the flame

Glass Bricks

What is it all about
Another statement without doubt
Another statement without emotion
It's just a glimpse of the ocean
All so far from the mind
Farther than what's left behind
Here's a place, perfect space
Just try to find the grace
What does it all mean
What all have you seen
It all just seems to click
Glass houses throw no stones, but bricks
The seconds that will always live
Spectacles one will always give
Such a way to behold
Different from what others told
Bricks of glass are so divine
Bricks of glass, why aren't you mine
You are there, you are theirs
Saving time for solar flares
Melt the glass
Seconds pass
Just a way to break the ice
Recognizing the precise
This is a peculiar section
And no sense in the affection
It's a love, satisfaction
Out the open window with the distraction

Familiar Flaws

A thesis unexplained, a theory unexplored
An so each belief remains so adored
The concept will always be kept
Still withstood as others wept
Will you marry the enduring cause
 Spend your life with all of its flaws
It's leaving spots, it's leaving marks
Because it rots without the sparks
It must be on a familiar road
Taking back as ways slowed
Could replies be the demise
Is it right to keep the disguise
The pen is always the lasting gift
Even within this wicked shift

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Out of Place

I have fallen out of place
Unable to see what's real behind the face
No, this cannot be right
Because i still see the hope burning bright
Don't succumb to the meaningless bore
There still has to be so much more
I have not said it enough times
Because of the presence of the chimes
The bells ring but what do they say
As if they're supposed to show the way
Maybe for other spirits they do
Showing them what they want it to
It's the view that some will see it from
That makes them what they will become
I find relief in all the dreams I've never had
Because I've never wanted any of them that bad
And believe that all the dreams are great
But they are just what you create  

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Between Sides

There seems to be so much in this state
Another concept has met this fate
How could it be so disconnected
Though it was never misdirected
It soon must be time to extinguish the flame
But all will be there just the same
Come to accept the test
Someone must know what is best
I seem to have lost my speech
A place so far that I can't reach
Simplify because it's so easy
But it is only time that frees me
All this searching and what have we found
Still looking for all that is above ground
Somewhere in between the different side
That is where the truth really hides
And this bliss that lies in between
I truly where I want to be seen

Monday, June 17, 2013

Distorted Vision

All the the senses will heal today
But I don't want to feel that way
So sad that life can't stay
Seems that there's not much more to say
But there is much more to know
You have just decided to go
It's all slipping and I'm losing touch
I guess for some that doesn't mean much
Why not stop and smell the flowers
Now I've lost a couple hours
It seems to be a wast to me
Does it take the tastes to see
These futures are seen but not said
Say what's needed to be led
I'm there, I'm here
I'm where some fear
Why can't you see me
Don't you want to be me
What is that I hear
No I never want to be clear

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Freeze the Day

'Twas a day I shall remember
A day in which I feared surrender
A day I couldn't tell what was real
A day that has locked the seal
And as the door began to close
It seemed as if another spirit rose
I could not count the times before
Because they claim to be more
While one who claims to be less
Will bring hope in such distress
And the saviors will always claim
How their lives are just the same
How they see the same world as you
Just a different point of view
Oh this was this was not a day to seize
More like a day I wish I could freeze
'Twas a day I wish to keep close in my mind
When it's the best day one can find

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Vile Style

Glamour, glitter, give me the fashion
I think I've found the perfect passion
This must be the perfect style
A contest that's oh so vile
If it's cotton, if it's wool
All the fabrics are all so cruel
The outlier will conspire
Not to be branded by attire
But if it fits it's what to wear
Give me the latest on how to care
Portrayed in a lighter shade of blue
Portrayed in a lesser shade of you
Oh the truth seems a bit too bitter
You just need to add some glitter
You just need to add some style
To be like the rest of the pile
Make up lies, Make-up eyes
Better with a couple tries
Now tell me what's the proper way to dress
If you find it all so meaningless

Friday, June 14, 2013

All For None

All the words are just the same
For I live with this one name
Not asking for pointless fame
Just a way to escape the game
I can't say I never care
Because the words were never there
Find the deep meaning that fits you well
Because this suit will always sell
Mix and match all the notes
Paint it over with what you wrote
All my models are on a roll
Worship if you pay the toll
The world has a mind of its own
A one where all want to claim the throne
One for all and all for one
Don't stop now because your not done
Another job well done
None for all and all for none

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Ever Spoken

Another stage has just  begun
The mindless rage is on the run
Run to where you can be free from harm
And the spirit is such a charm
The fear is for those who've heard
Others went by without a word
Pledging to the saving grace
Now the resistance is lost in space
Find the search, not the way
Show me how to live today
Find the journey, not the ending
See the colors that are blending
And surely one must be mad
If this is all they've ever had
If this is all they've ever done
But the words must speak as one
I can't listen after all that's here 
It isn't proper, it isn't clear 

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

More or Less

Give me less, give me more
Tell me what you're fighting for
The demands, they are so weak
But they are the way to speak
And yet they will control
Some of the impact on your soul
Nothing less, nothing more
Unable to see just what's in store
Isn't it easier just to glance
That way you can give it all a chance
And then some can't still try
Without the will to defy
That's what it is more or less
But it could be anyone's guess
And I think someone will
We will have to wait until
The time has decided to come
And it means more than to some

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Saving Light

At least there is a place to turn
When the world around you begins to burn 
At least there is a place to go
When your outlook is at a low
So nice to hear you have a choice
So nice to hear words under the noise
A new member has been found
And they will be kept so safe and sound
Seeming to have found some hope
Giving them a way to cope
And some have found just what they need
Listening as others lead 
There is no desire to betray
On any given time or day
This is a calling for the soul to hear
And to help make the image clear
This light is saving and redeems 
No matter how dark it seems

Monday, June 10, 2013

Disappearing Results

There's something to it but I can't say
Because the result cannot stay
It's so  easy to keep it there 
But find the will just not to care
Eventually the state will leave
And there will be no need to deceive
Sometimes wanting the truth to end
All occurring in the same trend
There is not a fear of falling
Just know now when life is calling
Keep the blade but lose the edge
And I can see the tenacity dangling on the ledge
Who is there and who is for
An ending that is nothing more
And there is no way to lose
If apathy is what you choose
And there is no way to win
If the bleeding hearts are giving in

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Every Vision

The world around us seems to be growing
The best joy comes in not knowing
There are some paths one will not find
While being content in the same state of mind
Give the questions a different shade
Then you can outrun the blade
The analysis can't mean much more
Than the words it was mistaken for
Peculiar to allow the triumphs to sink
Once you have connected the link
It comes down to a decision
Accept or deny each and every vision
Unable to tell what will appear
And just deny what is near
You must find a way to achieve success
Forced not to accept anything less
There is no need to ever connect
Just as long as there's something to collect

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Silent Plea

All the damaged still have a plea
But most are falling silently
The count seems to be growing higher
As the epilogue remains so dire
Though the preface was so contained
Following the behaviors trained
Now we're falling out of touch 
Against the ones who suspected as much
So confined to this perfect shift
But who said hatred is a gift
Even the wise must have a past
Even the ending will not last
Make an impact and affect us all
The ridicule comes from a change too small
Take a step back and look around you
Do you think that your future has found you
The memories that I always see
Will always have some hold on me

Friday, June 7, 2013

How It's Said

No matter how it's said
I still can't see the thread
No matter what the ink can do
Don't let it get a hold of you
Can a visionary really be
The one who could never see
As the standards seem to break
Drown the oddities in the lake
But the scribbles seem to show
How much you may really know
Delusional living on the brink
This is what I really think
Society didn't want it this way
But do they really have a say
Intruding and giving back with ink
When they say "No one care just what you think"
Blur it all, blur the fact
That all the rhymes have cracked
Blur it all, blur the lies
That the dying bird always cries


All thoughts come and go
The ones that stay are the ones that show
they help you see things in a different way
They help you turn your dreams turn into clay
Thoughts seem as if they are a mystery
Thoughts can help you make history
Every thought has its own story
Thoughts are their own form of joyful glory
We seem to underestimate how important they are
Without thoughts you can't go that far
Sometimes lost thoughts are the best ones to keep
But they'll be gone by the time you know
Some of the best thoughts occur during sleep
How many times have you waited for the crow
Not all thoughts are complete
Try to finish them instead of accepting defeat
Some thoughts will remain abstract
Most thoughts are neither opinion or fact

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Give or Take

As the trails keep me awake
I'm wondering for who's sake
The dim light that still stays
Is fading in with other grays
Fading into a darker night
Denying the ignorance that defines the light
I couldn't say that I want anything more
Than the gifts of life's ancient folklore
Why must the attempt be neglected
If the thesis wasn't perfected
Ingredients meant to suit the need
Of those rising up to plead
But the risen needn't care
About what is and isn't there
Give or take a few and you've got a tale
Proving how easy it is to follow the trail
What's gone for me is still there for you
Just as long as you can give or take a few

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Acclaimed Life

Join the group that's so acclaimed
Just as if the judgement blamed
Clarify the sentence as void
Quite odd to see what can be destroyed
An outlook I refuse to see 
Doesn't mean that much to me
That is why you give the heart
But the love will drive us apart
The endings seem to be lost
Because the ending has a cost
That is not the right way to think
Said as the dove begins to sink
But we're all just one of many
Is there one or is there plenty
 Could we all just make corrections
Dividing into other sections
Lifestyles left without regret
And now I guess the future's set

Monday, June 3, 2013

Losing Ground

This seems to be just what they seek
A new way to save the weak
Done for your own protection
Says the words in the correction
And if you believe the claim 
Then the lies remain the same
Look at all that we have found
While the ally is losing ground
The fools language is a mystery
But it's still embedded into history
This vacancy likes to stay
This vacancy has no way
I guess the concept passes
If it can appeal to the masses
Expressing logic as if to confirm 
The particular ending of a term
Giving for something left behind
And now the roads have intertwined

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Fast and Driven

What is found in this way
Affecting the generation of today
All the criticism given
Keeps the spirits fast and driven
Listen when the visionaries are there
Hear about how much they care
All is so inspiring to see
All the desires of what one wants to be
No, the pen can't think straight
Accomplishments are arriving late
An ending that just fades to black
Once the concept begins to crack
When it all is but a test
The fortitude will need its rest
And so the time has come to take
Looking back at the flames we make
The power that lies within the will
Wishes it could make time stand still 

Saturday, June 1, 2013

This Hallucination

What do you see when you take a look
Tales of life and expression or just a book
And the eyes witnessing perfection
Must be those found in perception
A view made by what's in sight
There is no wrong, There is no right
There are some things caught in the lens
Just try to see where the light bends
Can you really tell what's there 
What vision can one dream spare
But the simulation brings a sense of trust
Destroy this hallucination if you must
Although it all seemed so real
It was just an image as they borrow, beg, and steal

Friday, May 31, 2013

Fountain Dreamer

There is a figure still standing there
Get to know the time you spare
All this talk of throwing wishes into wells
Only working if the coin sells
Such desire as the coin begins to fall
As if the money can see it all 
The water in the well distorts the dream
Does each ripple help it gleam
All I see is a dream forsaken
As each and every piece of metal is taken
Once the stream begins to cloud the vision
There's unnecessary urgency in the decision
And as the coin lands on either side
There's a sense as if the fountain couldn't have lied

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Just a Statement

The jagged lines that mark the edge
There's little truth behind the pledge
Misspoken thoughts from mistaken dreams
But the ending isn't what it seems
The living claim to still have grace
And now it's thriving in a vacant space
All the stories remain unharmed
Having a constant need to be alarmed
Boys and girls marching in a row
Never parting ways with the eternal flow
Bring your weapon to the occasion
The outcome brings such fascination
A statement is all it is and all it will be
I never thought just a statement could kill me
And the ones who give so little
Know the truth behind the fiddle
What it is is but the same
Watching as the seasons came
But some can't watch any more
Without knowing what it is for

Wednesday, May 29, 2013


So many ways to go
Lead me to where you know
But where shall the lowly rest
Rising up from the confessed
Conform me and polish me down
As the noise begins to drown
Trained to be the one to take
Is it for life or death's sake
Air so sweet, air so sour
Yet not to lose the will or power
Unaware of what's occurred
Tell me what ideals are too absurd
This is the life to follow, because I can't lead
Spiraling out like the heroes at full speed
And this is the best lifestyle yet
Not living to feel regret
Find another way to rebel
Don't give in to the products they sell
If that side's wrong, then this one must be right
A mind confined to such a sight
So many ways to go
                      Going only to where the leaders show                    

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

What to Know

Now I don't know what to know
A crack that builds up but I can't show
There is filth within perfection
A fatality lies in the reflection
Coming out to only a silver stance
Why bring back a sliver of a glance
A million pages are not complete 
If they cannot use their feet
The division we all build
Is a manifestation of the dreams we killed
If that's the world that we defy
Then we must break every tie
The demise of a bitter end
Remains in the double-negative message to send
It's quite a goal to fill a page
With happiness, depression, empathy, and rage
The difference lies within the core
But can it mean any more
After all it is just ink
Trying to give one a new way to think
The propaganda that one has made
Is what remains as their story fades