Sunday, March 31, 2013

Lost Paths

Leading the way down a fractured road
Losing time in every code
Deconstruct to find nothing
Worshiping the mindset of the ring
Regretting what is thought to be known
Were dark and light ever meant to be shown
Or were they just meant to never meet
Answers lie in cluttered streets
Facing the everlasting sphere
Why not bury what is feared
What's left behind is left in the grave
A tragic ending cannot be saved
There is no truth behind the sum
And the logic will not become

Saturday, March 30, 2013


Words are flowing, but it's a shame
That some things will stay the same
Clarify your thoughts to those
Tell your story and see how it goes 
Is it tragic to see things the way they are
Or is it good to feel the spar
All the things you didn't want to feel 
All is meant to  be so surreal
All these things are just a test
Stories once and forever confessed 
Everything ends the way it has before
Is it history or something more

Friday, March 29, 2013

What Will Stay

Rippled pages are so surreal
The passing time will always heal
All is passing and what will stay
All the words will never say
Coloring all the the lines between
The lines meant to stay so clean
Lying in pixelated past 
The neverending story will never last
The idols have seen it all
Living up to the idler's fall
Keep playing the single game
Seeing the laws that it will claim
This food for thought is a starving cause
Why wait for death to sound applause
If sand is taken out of the glass
Will it be known how much time will pass
A needless want to be alone
Though will the words ever be known

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Possess the Days

thoughts succumb to the perfection
Fearing Any insurrection
A flavor lasting with the same taste
Never leaving where you're placed 
The gravel will possess the days
Capturing items in its ways
Though the numbers are a bore
It can mean something more
Lost along every path
There's more hated than just the wrath
Don't lose the keys to a soul
Claiming pride for a goal
Sick of every kind of star
Count them all and ask how far
Ink, lead, paint, pastel
Some of the words cannot tell
All is hung on a piece of wood
The flags and people never could  

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

On the Brink

Will all be said the twilight's glow
Too much to think too little to know
If blue canvases were broken down
Would I accept or escape the sound
All the things that make me think
Delusional living on the brink
Contributing thoughts are alive and well
Detonate the factors of the bell
Secret strategies are finding grace
Time will thank a Nameless face
Though  the thorns' names are gone
It will make sense at the break of dawn
Walking forward to days past
Rising up from the fallen cast
Losing days but their still here
 All wonders and Tragedies could be near
Learn to accept the ways of fate
Learn to not succumb to the bait

Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Televisions will tell their vision 
Listening without decision
Eyes captured to the screen
Should I ignore what I have seen
The T.V. could save you too
Only if you accept that it is true
Because the T.V. never lies
Static drowning what the customer buys
Call now and get the second free
God bless the land of liberty
Buying days we can't afford
Money will never be ignored
The Statue of Liberty has dulled green
Now I know what the dollar means
Radios advertising the material way
Radios tell me what to say
Learning how to live in greed
Now I know what I really need

Monday, March 25, 2013

Mindless Resistance

All the journals are not true
Buried down and broken through
The dark depressions are overrated
Stories of self-pity and so they hated
Mocking misery as the fuel
Is isolation the real fool
Tire of mindless resistance
Captured by a lost persistence 
All is claimed by the same words
Cluster in the same herds
The opinions are what we know
All the adjectives seem to show
A life that lives and dies the same way
I wont live like this today

Sunday, March 24, 2013


Is this nothingness a bore
Will it last forevermore
Every path will be eight-fold
Married to the biting cold
Every collar tells a different side
With different laws in which they abide
The static will fill the space
Continuing after the masked face
Delighted in the darkest sense
Isolated in the past tense
Bring your bitterness to the shore
Bring to light thoughts once ignored
The same ideas came to light
Start the (R)evolution over night
Are we lost in this losing game
in the end it's all the same
In the end the leather will break
Can it contain all it will make

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Praise For Heroes

Every group has been left divided
Love and hate must be left collided
What a way to advocate a war
Say you don't and nothing more
Every shell has shattered now
Forced to praise and taught to bow
 The branch fell off the family tree
Capturing unwanted symmetry
All the heroes have no right
Struggling through a restless night
Wanting to live with a marionette
Teaching instructions to all the pets
See the sides of the light-hearted
The water and flame must have parted
Do not dull unwanted ways
Write over the lines and see what stays
All the times have crossed between 
Future days some heard and seen

Friday, March 22, 2013

Burial Chants

Martyrs lost in the reflection
Why withstand this correction
The vision is broken through
Graph your own point of view
Though a life has brought me here
The grave is not what I will fear
The Burials have all gone by
But why regret the death of a lie
These chants are saving and forgiving
Still no remorse for the living
Teach the truth and nothing more
Do we blame the fractured core
Build it up and break it down 
Nihilism has claimed the crown
This will destroy the rational way
The destruction will have a say
Is this a record of thoughts not found
Or just another way to make a sound  

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Withstanding While Commanding

Telling stories with hidden truth
Time goes by and losing youth
No time to worry and waste away
And yet this time will never say
Please don't let the names get lost 
Because the road may have a larger toll than the cost
Truth will be lost with fearing
All the things I am not hearing
I know the books all too well
The stories I will never tell
What is feared is what is meant
Don't judge quantity by the money spent
Shadows seen but the figure is rare
Tragedies struck and yet to never care 

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

River's Run

Living up to those standing tall 
Will teach you nothing useful at all
One step going the wrong way
Will satisfy this age and day
An age so common and built on trust
You may escape but first you must
You must decline what you were taught
Bring to perspective a new thought
You mustn't stop this thought-filled flood
Don't wash away with all the mud
For the dirt is more true 
Than the waters flowing blue
What can't be said, what can't be done
Will all pass in the river's run

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Black and White

Chapters created and still destroyed 
And the story remains Devoid
Try to triumph over grey
Black and white should always stay
Verify vanity without remorse
Modesty has run its course
thank the thirst for failing praise
Every drink will leave you in a daze
Though the bite has broken down
Some will flee from every sound
 All the answers will enslave
The Distortionists in the cave
Walking Straight into despair
Will never get you anywhere
If you want to really try 
You may get a chance to fly
All the things we rely upon
Will eventually have come and gone

Monday, March 18, 2013

Rusted Pins

For each lesson that is learned
Its useful meaning is Adjourned
The things said are never meant
and so life's teachings are forever spent
life's too short for fury and wrath
so once it finds you take your path
there is a patron saint for all your sins
hang the truth on rusted pins
All the books have gone away
Left with memories of a dying day
Sorrows forgiven and yet forsaken
give until the hearts are taken
failure to finance what you know
Will leave you restless in a show
a show so worn and broken down
not a soul could get around
All our futures lie on the ground
to pick up those without a sound

Sunday, March 17, 2013


Will the darkness light the way
what do all the meanings say
who has denied a chosen fate
why surround the matters with hate
when do all the phrases surround
where will the letters be found
can you tell real from fake
does it matter what truth will make
could you thank and want to redeem
is it always as it seems
should a fact have a grater cause
do we all abide to all of the laws
shall life change within the hour
were all there to try and claim power
may the words mean less to most
are you able to guard this post
how do all the meanings stay
will the darkness light the way

Saturday, March 16, 2013


The artists are all who could
Crossing boundaries no one else would
The cynics are all so sad
Remarks on privileges never had
The critics agree and all rave
Yet an opinion can never save
The historians reflect on the past
Some wish certain ways would last
The scientists have a theory
The letters signed oh so dearly
The corporates make a dollar or two
Just enough to get them through
The peacemakers seem caught in the genocide
Knowing now at least they tried
The scholars want to know
If the factors will ever show
The priests will all want to praise 
and worship Christ until the end of days
The musicians want to make a sound
And see if their rhythm will ever be found
The poets just want to right
And not give in to any fight