Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Broken Glass

A fashion that stays in style 
A history no one can file
There's a lot to say, a lot has gone
Along with the youth we rely upon
Missing all that seems to pass
Though I cannot see through broken glass
If I could change the past I wouldn't try
Because it's all a past I wouldn't deny
All the shards form something more
A history of all those we adore
There is beauty in what is broken
Whether or not the truth is spoken
Sometimes it seems pointless to count
Because we all experience a large amount
Will understanding ever be 
A place from all the tragedy
I will say the same prevails 
And the fashion of it never fails

Monday, April 29, 2013

Emotions Devotion

A risk may find a way to choose
An acknowledgement we may not state
Risk and fear are not the same
But cause and effect lies within the name
Wait fir the answers to come near
Though some questions can cause fear
Any emotion is just an effect
All the emotions we cannot correct
Some emotion is there for no reason at all
Some are just a remedial defense for those standing tall
Because for some, emotion is a shield
Some know the fear has never healed
No matter how we try to flee
There are the one's we'll always be able to see
Unless you are able to hide
All of the feelings you have inside
All this makes for bitter fruit
What are the emotions that make your suit

Sunday, April 28, 2013


The one who died in this game
And the angels never came
But the demons didn't care
And now you're lost within this tear
There is no home where you can go
And no time for you to know
Just a figment on the brink
It's a shame that you can't rise or sink
You have no fear of the unknown
Because this state is so alone
Nothing is a necessity 
Begging with no one there to see
This life may look like one of captive dreams
But this is death no matter what your mind deems
There may be tragedy in this sense to exist
Nothing though that you have missed
Wishing a way to say goodbye
But these are the words I can deny

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Conflicting Forces

Are the flames still in the casket
A question and no one ever tried to ask it
These questions I will ask you
Seem to not know what's true
These waters that seem to save
Reject the flames that others gave
Because the fire is just as deadly
As the water in every sea
 Some may fear the fire's spark
But the ocean is just as dark
With conflicting forces one prevails
And this is the always the one history hails
It's easier to be on the winning side
But will all change with the waters tide
These are the flames that we bury
A spirit no one wanted to carry
But the spirit is still with us now
No one ever cared to ask how


The Words we sometimes seem to find
Were not the ones we had in mind
Ideas one cannot contain
Might lessen by the status they gain
But this concept works the same way
For others mentalities they want to stay
It seems one way but the pages tore
Boiling down to nothing more
It's just a rip, It's just a tear
And nothing's wrong unless you bother to care
And the triumphs that a world has done
Caused a loss to another one
No one seems to see at all 
Just ignore if not affected by the fall
All the words we wish to be
A light for all the world to see
Instead we seem to carry words blind
These are the words we seem to find  

Thursday, April 25, 2013


Some will stay, some will fade
Some will regret what they have made
Some will have to pay a price
Some see more than virtue and vice
Some fall apart at the seams
Some will stitch and see what gleams
Some wish to find a future way
Some only want to live for today
Some shall only see what's blank
Some don't have enough people to thank
Some will see all the despair
Some accept what is fair
Some may always be so cruel
Some know how to use the fuel
Some seem to lack a reason
Some will change with every season
Some are forced to find a passion
Some condemn themselves to such a fashion
Some believe these traits that capture them
Some will branch out and break the stem

Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Rivers are what we want to be
Flowing through life with glee
Writing words through scattered pages
Helps escape these animal cages
Walking freely through the door
Learn to stitch the feelings that tore
Ink doesn't last forever
The written thoughts must be clever
The bird who flies will stay the day
The bird who can't soaks up every sun ray
Never mind the thoughtless answers
Lives contained by broken ranters
the lake that sits, the lake is calm
Thoughtful minds in the psalm
Many ways to break the order
It is time to cut the border

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Mechemical Way

The time seems to be at a low 
A way to help some who know
This is more to factor in the known
Accept the importance of the stone
Now there is a mechemical way
The chemicals erode the mechanical day
This  is such a false sight
An odd way to find the light
An example that seems to betray
As the chemicals cause the decay
This is the truth we want to find
But the absence of reality has intertwined
All the books seem so lost
Fact still lies within the cost
The rival is the one who cared
I'd finish the story but the pages are impaired
 And this last line still affects many
What can you get without a portion of a penny

Monday, April 22, 2013

Giving In

Many things that we are told
Are the concepts that were sold
All the words that we say
Lie within a past day
This metamorphosis is a metaphor
This is the knowledge some may adore
Can there be difficulty in what you learn
These are not thoughts all can discern
The initials are just an etch
Setting the stage for a crowded sketch
Ending when it seems to break
Still a way to always take
Giving back has never been 
A way or form of giving in
So why give back at all
Because in is a true call
The design is the frame
To the ones with the holy name

Sunday, April 21, 2013


A calculation has made this misconception
Reality lies in the absence of perfection
And all the lights don't make it too clear
And all things said one may not hear
But that doesn't turn the truth into a fake
Just ignorance to the minds at stake
As the colors seem to blend 
Accepting lies you cannot mend
Is what's left on the page
Just a way to escape the cage
There are some words one cannot scratch out
But one emotion cannot match doubt
When the mindless emotion fades
Striving to stay with similar shades
The problems may seem to have meaning
But once the the mind has finished cleaning
The unwanted thoughts that lie within
You'll never see a fraction of sin

Saturday, April 20, 2013


The same concepts seem to be
In future, present, and history
Hatred, love, and death too
These teachings are never new
But the forms may not be the same
And the people it seems to claim
A sense of knowledge within the tale
All the outcomes that never fail
When the illness settles in
One may deny their future sin
One may accept past choices
But still refute collective voices
And the story's reason withdraws
It is taught only some have flaws
these flaws will be the death of an age
The one of those that made this cage
Now the era seems so clean
Because happy minds can only be seen 

Friday, April 19, 2013


Subcategories seem to say
The words they want to always stay
Clocking in the endless chain
No captivity within the plain
Flowing fatality is not just to find
The time seems to keep all in place
Emotions vanish without a trace
Misguided until you claim a direction
Blurring lines without perfection
Virtues taught by what you learn 
And yet are virtues a great concern
But who will notice what is gone
And see beyond the rebellious pawn
Hopeless in a captive way
And I can hear the captains say
These are the laws you need to believe
The captains remain as agreeable thieves

Thursday, April 18, 2013


All things seem to eventually be in the past
And yet it seems as some things will always last
The pen is mightier than the sword
But actions speak louder than a verbal accord
These contradictions are so sought out
A collision of beliefs is what it's about
The group that remains undecided
Is the the only group that remains undivided
Though there are many ways to believe
It's just a different way in which one can perceive
The dividends seem to not have a say
Because some traditions will always stay
But what can this all add up to 
Just a fraction of what is true
Different ways to be free
But it boils down to symmetry
Some could say all this is wrong
But that agreement won't last for long

Verbal Attire

Stricken by A loose strand
Memories buried under the sand
But the frame is still in one piece
Don't let the page get covered within the crease
A way of life, a way to save
A philosophy that some crave
Now I know you are what you make
But what you destroy is also at stake
It seems to depend on who will review
There still remains concepts some can't see through
Though there is not complete actuality in what remains
Nor complete understanding in what life rains
When pages end with the same letter
All the pages seem so much better
Blend the fiction with the history
And the outcome is such a bliss to see
One may write to inspire
But trust your view in your verbal attire

Matter of Fact(ion)

Spirals depicting images before they subside
What if logic and nothingness collide
Neglecting every holy phrase
A plant regrets the lack of sun rays
But then the literature has a point
Sacred stories in which one shall anoint
There are no heroes within this action
Stay within a matter of faction
How would one withstand a fall from grace
Some seem to lose in this human race
Those who seek a finer class
Shall find shards within the glass
All the facts one wants to know
Just to survive a rising low
A different shade still looks the same
A sense of hope in every flame
Inspired by a losing cause
Though the fire never flaws


There is joy for I found the figure
And learned how to escape any trigger
One should not say escape because there is no fear
More like forget one's own problems near
The antithesis of self-sorrow
A philosophy not meant to borrow
Philosophies exchanged withing the books
Some find tragedy in withstanding the hooks
Others accept it as a way to survive
But this is an account some must derive
Some things are a blend for all to see
This blend will teach triumphs of harmony
All the letters are just a cross
Of experiences without a cost
Just a cross that we must carry
Until its a story we must bury
Some may not have for goodbyes
Some expect the spirit's rise

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

On the Clock

 There is nothing on the slate
There is no answer within the gate
The teachings have now betrayed
More put into what seems to fade
Hands outstretched to show the way
Royalties extended by how much you pay
The future is rarely a complete shock
Just time elapsing on the clock
A normal life has joined this pact
A life that just wants to  remain in tact
Give gratitude for the caring soul
Regret to not portray the act as a major role
As it's all been said and done
Strive to lose a meter in the run
Once so contempt and safe from harm
There's an illusion to every charm
All the groupings have now aligned
But no calling is worth the find

Glowing Strands

And so the ribbons have been found
Quoting all phrases around
A way to thank while losing air 
A sketch of ink is oh so rare
It is a triumph hard to find 
But one you'll never leave behind
When the miseries can't get much worse
Put your tragedies in a hearse
A if the little light won't show
Just to know the colors flow

A Book's (His)Story

A revolution inspired by just a fragment
But why must the philosophy remain so stagnant
The structures never meant to be cruel
The structures captivated by the rule
History fights over the dollar
History puts its own pages in a collar
The winning side of a losing war
Means more to some now than before
But you can't change the mindset of the past
But you can hope that some ways don't last
Tragedy is in the eye of the beholder
Is the future warmer or even colder
Another story how a man came
But the nations are all the same
It's the history that one can't change
A history somewhat out of range
Will the story ever repeat
If it does just relax and take a seat 


Can the ones ever be right
With all of the strategies out of sight
Strength could be more than this powerful force
Strength could be in the ideas you endorse
Do not shake with a falling clock
shall one follow a masked flock
All things seem to change with a different wave
But the water cannot always save
Is complete change completely good
Or do you just save the particles that should
The questions are there as if to consume
To place lost thoughts in an empty tomb
I meant to train it all with a new design
But the blueprint I could never find
All the blue print shall trace back
To a foundation it seems to lack
When each virtue remains a key word
All the keys seem so absurd 

Wednesday, April 10, 2013


This movement seems to have a slower pace
It was Inspired by a lack of grace
Minds support and yet avoid
Losing light while paranoid
Meant to make emotions worse
Not all factors are just a curse
Stating points all best to hang
Falling useless the bell rang
Cause and effect mean nothing more
Than the feelings meant to pour
A creation can never own
Each invention that man has known
Swallowed by the river's course
There is no praise for an ancient source
Walking mile after mile
The damage seeps under the tile
Catastrophes carried as some mourn
But in the mo(u)rning a new day will be reborn  

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

To the Crow

Fragments find their meanings more
When isolated in the store
Say may not need this despair
Yet they will not feel all that will tear
Not all things you cross
Not all things are the worth the loss
All this running will prove a way
For some to go righteously astray
But the effort has come and gone
Lost along the break of dawn
Claim the want to be free
Name the ways you refuse to see
It can factor in this trapping daze
Is it true that nothing stays
Seeming to never subside
Unable to control what one will abide
It can not be endless though
Expressions meant more than you know

Monday, April 8, 2013


Is anger a good thing
You never know what it will bring
Anger is the unknown
Anger can leave you trapped and alone
Anger is the unknown 
Some people are too scared to pick up the stone
We're scared of what we don't know
Is it that easy to never go
There are many ways to stop
You must burn every crop
Burn everything that gets in your way
Never caring what others say
The fire inflames the world by our own delight 
There is no one who will stand up and fight
To feel anger is to feel sane
Anger is the buildup of unmanageable pain
There is no correct answer that will open the door
Just hoping its not like the one before
Our death has been a great loss
But they can revive us at no cost
As long as we help the industry
It doesn't sound like sin to me
Where did the fires go
Oh they still burn but your ashes help them glow
But I've been trying to stop the lies
When you're here the fire dies
You play the martyr for the cause
The flames are fanned with the crowd's applause
Then why should I stay here
I guess it depends on the anger you fear 

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Ares' Artist

Diverse destinations will save
Prosperous potentials we crave
 We just need to keep going 
We just need to let our soul keep growing
Await the time, await the spirit
Let yourself in but do not fear it
Fictionary facts are finer when fractured
Revenge rises in the royal rapture
Little lights live in leisure
Science saves its psychosis for the seizure
Corrupted catastrophes cower in the corner
Divide the duplicate by the disorder
Boundaries bent and bled behind the barricade
Triumph and trust as each trinity trades
Hollow hearts harden with hate
Grow to gleam as you guard the gate
Am I going insane 
Or am I just lost within this plain
Track the trap that trained this trick
Clean the cluster with the clock's tick
Crave this creation that you crown
Are Ares' artists around

Saturday, April 6, 2013

The Accepting Tragedy

Stay clear-headed but yet out so far
Animals lying in the jar
More the meaning less the light
Challenged by the truth of sight
Save the words behind the sanity
Wishing to portray this act of vanity
Frame society with a fairy-tale
As if the laws will ever fail
Think of laws as a last resort
We feel as if the solution will not distort
This factor happens to be a strategy
A way to escape the losing tragedy
I wish to thank the first-person view
I wish to be a part of what you drew
I guess it's all what you provide
All the countless items will divide

Friday, April 5, 2013

Never There

Spend the time with those you care for
Sell it all and wish it was worth more
A frame so still will never go
Is this hatred all we know
Mind that we are not the mountain's peak
Lost along the valley of the bleak
Flags and statues have kept the pledge
But all is frozen on the ledge
Is the danger just as grave 
As the burial that never gave
Though the minds were meant to care
Some are left behind and never there

Thursday, April 4, 2013


The tick of the clock has the words to say
That time is running out today
As we stop we must see
That time has a hold of you and me
And I must say that sound does as well
You can see this by the frequency of a bell
Life always lies within a vision
and yet fear when the dreams create a collision
These matters seem to be so slight
But these are the ways within our sight
The changing seasons have never left
Only possible by an attempted theft
The color can leave a place
If each area is just a useless space
Life and death the cycle goes round
With time, color, vision, and sound

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Crash and Burn

Speechless ones will keep their silence
Is there virtue in this act of violence
Words are nothing but what you see
Lost without the clarity
It could stay the same with nothing new
All could be changed within the hue
Wishing words would crash and burn
As if all the matters would ever learn
Send the copy to all who care
But were the factors ever there
Justifying what is made
Watching as all the colors fade
People thirsting for something more
This is not a chapter to ignore
Since the days have all past
Those who hunger for justice will have to fast
Understanding the battles won and battles lost
The paths of those who never crossed 

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Cut the Border

Rivers are what we want to be
Flowing through life with glee
Writing words through scattered Pages
Helps escape these animal cages
Walking freely through the door
Learn to stitch the feelings that tore
Ink doesn't last forever
The written thoughts must be clever
The bird who flies will stay the day
The bird who can't soaks up every sun ray
Never mind the thoughtless answers
Lives contained by broken ranters
The lake that sits the lake is calm
Thoughtful minds in the psalm
Many ways to break the order
It is time to cut the border

Monday, April 1, 2013

An Ode to the Hour

As the city sleeps 
The night it creeps
The time fades away
The things time reaps
History it Keeps
The Story of each day
Time and time and time again
Close your eyes and count to ten
One second lost of the day
Two thoughts will fade away
Three rivers run the same
Four sides lost in a name
Five rhymes with a metaphor
Six less and counting more
Seven signs in which we make
Eight ideas in a broken lake
Nine fears that we hide
Ten chambers for those who've Lied
And so the time will come and go
Some things we will never know
We stay lively we stay Sane
All things pass in time's reign