Monday, April 8, 2013


Is anger a good thing
You never know what it will bring
Anger is the unknown
Anger can leave you trapped and alone
Anger is the unknown 
Some people are too scared to pick up the stone
We're scared of what we don't know
Is it that easy to never go
There are many ways to stop
You must burn every crop
Burn everything that gets in your way
Never caring what others say
The fire inflames the world by our own delight 
There is no one who will stand up and fight
To feel anger is to feel sane
Anger is the buildup of unmanageable pain
There is no correct answer that will open the door
Just hoping its not like the one before
Our death has been a great loss
But they can revive us at no cost
As long as we help the industry
It doesn't sound like sin to me
Where did the fires go
Oh they still burn but your ashes help them glow
But I've been trying to stop the lies
When you're here the fire dies
You play the martyr for the cause
The flames are fanned with the crowd's applause
Then why should I stay here
I guess it depends on the anger you fear 

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