Sunday, April 7, 2013

Ares' Artist

Diverse destinations will save
Prosperous potentials we crave
 We just need to keep going 
We just need to let our soul keep growing
Await the time, await the spirit
Let yourself in but do not fear it
Fictionary facts are finer when fractured
Revenge rises in the royal rapture
Little lights live in leisure
Science saves its psychosis for the seizure
Corrupted catastrophes cower in the corner
Divide the duplicate by the disorder
Boundaries bent and bled behind the barricade
Triumph and trust as each trinity trades
Hollow hearts harden with hate
Grow to gleam as you guard the gate
Am I going insane 
Or am I just lost within this plain
Track the trap that trained this trick
Clean the cluster with the clock's tick
Crave this creation that you crown
Are Ares' artists around

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