Friday, May 31, 2013

Fountain Dreamer

There is a figure still standing there
Get to know the time you spare
All this talk of throwing wishes into wells
Only working if the coin sells
Such desire as the coin begins to fall
As if the money can see it all 
The water in the well distorts the dream
Does each ripple help it gleam
All I see is a dream forsaken
As each and every piece of metal is taken
Once the stream begins to cloud the vision
There's unnecessary urgency in the decision
And as the coin lands on either side
There's a sense as if the fountain couldn't have lied

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Just a Statement

The jagged lines that mark the edge
There's little truth behind the pledge
Misspoken thoughts from mistaken dreams
But the ending isn't what it seems
The living claim to still have grace
And now it's thriving in a vacant space
All the stories remain unharmed
Having a constant need to be alarmed
Boys and girls marching in a row
Never parting ways with the eternal flow
Bring your weapon to the occasion
The outcome brings such fascination
A statement is all it is and all it will be
I never thought just a statement could kill me
And the ones who give so little
Know the truth behind the fiddle
What it is is but the same
Watching as the seasons came
But some can't watch any more
Without knowing what it is for

Wednesday, May 29, 2013


So many ways to go
Lead me to where you know
But where shall the lowly rest
Rising up from the confessed
Conform me and polish me down
As the noise begins to drown
Trained to be the one to take
Is it for life or death's sake
Air so sweet, air so sour
Yet not to lose the will or power
Unaware of what's occurred
Tell me what ideals are too absurd
This is the life to follow, because I can't lead
Spiraling out like the heroes at full speed
And this is the best lifestyle yet
Not living to feel regret
Find another way to rebel
Don't give in to the products they sell
If that side's wrong, then this one must be right
A mind confined to such a sight
So many ways to go
                      Going only to where the leaders show                    

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

What to Know

Now I don't know what to know
A crack that builds up but I can't show
There is filth within perfection
A fatality lies in the reflection
Coming out to only a silver stance
Why bring back a sliver of a glance
A million pages are not complete 
If they cannot use their feet
The division we all build
Is a manifestation of the dreams we killed
If that's the world that we defy
Then we must break every tie
The demise of a bitter end
Remains in the double-negative message to send
It's quite a goal to fill a page
With happiness, depression, empathy, and rage
The difference lies within the core
But can it mean any more
After all it is just ink
Trying to give one a new way to think
The propaganda that one has made
Is what remains as their story fades

Monday, May 27, 2013

Eternal Fade

A final strike, a final blow
Was it always just for show
Slipping away as the curtains close
Where we stand is something no one knows
I imagine we all have a guess
When the words seem to mean less
A descent from it all I wouldn't copy
But I don't want anyone to try to stop me
All the feelings got me nowhere
Just a page showing a visible tear
The scratched out words have made their mark
Present enough beyond the dark
A plot I will never regret
And so what's blank seems to forget
An escape from this eternal fade
All the differences that I have made...

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Burning Ash

An ash of figures, an ash of ridges
Coming out of burning bridges
Cornered, trapped, and choosing ways
To gain acceptance into the craze
Portions not preserved to save
And if the service ever forgave
Another issue must be addressed
Another story for all those blessed
The picture fits the tattered frame
A spectacle remains the same
Rises and drops balancing on the verge
An attempt to ruin this peaceful merge

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Choices and Chances

All the things to make
All the lives at stake
Given what, given where
Sick of hearing what is fair
A story, right, that's what it's supposed to be
A story that I couldn't see
To listen when given a choice
Believing in all those guiding a lost voice
So what is worth the wait
Are you really what you create
What to do when given a chance
An opportunity to voice your stance
What do you see in the spot
A parallel of what is not 

Friday, May 24, 2013

I Still Stagger

Bring this mishap down to Earth
I wish to accept this new birth
But will I when the time is right
Or will I just vanish from sight
Can the knowledge hear me now
We think so but don't know how
Too many things to etch out
Stay in the state of doubt
But do not doubt any teachings
Listen to the buried preachings 
Clicking the words in many ways
Helps me escape unwanted days
Does the gun outweigh the dagger
Nevertheless I still stagger
The tablets can change the vision
But this was not my decision
Yet we all stumble in a line
All is buried and stuck on nine

Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Forever Bell

The fighting of writing is so inviting 
It's lighting and biting make it exciting
To be able to cut through someone's core
You can make them feel no more
Or you can write about happiness and love
If you are able to think above
To stay away from they who stray
To say the bay will claim the day
The structures and bricks fit together well
Only if you can get away from the forever bell
You must be the tree of life, you see
I can flee the see of strife and be free
It depends on what's on your mind
You never know what you might find
The confusion and intrusion of your own delusion
The conclusion and seclusion of your own illusion
You must be able to have the thoughts flow
You can't do this just for a peculiar show
Do the words click together well
Or are they drowned out by the forever bell

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Write or Erase

If the words were altogether
Would the hatred be any better
Can I see what I have drawn
Living before the impending dawn
In a disguise no one can see
Don't give in to the misery
Write or erase, it's all the same
Do it for the money and the fame
Go all places and travel far
Stereotypical fallen star
All this caring doesn't mean a thing
Love the same songs they all sing
The pen shall write all thought and said
See the detail in every thread
Asking for a mindless answer
taking cause for the enhancer 
Writing down every day
Wont affect things anyway

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Around Your Head

The spirits that instill the fear
Try to make it crystal clear
Not accepted as what to know 
Not agreed on what to bestow
Isn't that so nice to see
Just to take the vice and flee
changed by the way of the trail
There's just so much how could one fail
Just like it's been said before
You can save the world and more
You are the one, you are the star
How does one wish to raise the bar
But there's something to be said
About the works around your head
Aware of what they want to do
Offered and meant to take the cue
When what you are is what you tell
Staring down and caught in the spell

Monday, May 20, 2013

On the Rise

The heroes are finally on the run
Still trying to save and point the gun 
There are a few keys to survival
A sense of terror to welcome the arrival
What a special way to enter
Bring the captives front and center
With the stories lost and gone
A desire for the impending dawn
As if to find nothing more
Just a lock left on the door
Just a lock, that's all that's there 
Finding hope in another prayer
Than you cannot ask me why
Is it he who sees the sky
Are there dreams we can't deny
Is it right to lose the will to try
The illusion is on the rise
If the plot of it never dies

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Some Release

A discussion that we can save
A battle written by the brave
At least that is what is said
Must the battle ever be read
There is an answer to what isn't asked
Distractions to avoid the task
Resistance to a common norm
Creativity left with the storm
Stapled to a position
The lives in a forced condition
There is no less, there is no more
All the days caught in a war
When the actions begin to cease
The captives can feel some release
Left in the distorted discussion
Not to mind a repercussion
Was the equality ever found
Or was it just never around

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Personal Surrender

We've got what we will always need
So we mustn't ever lead
A valley that is being broken
But the ending cannot be spoken
Fear, we worship you with awful praise
Going down in a final blaze
A neverending sunrise
Waiting and waiting for bright skies
  The thesis is we'll have to wait
Just seeming to be a part of fate
Never left, but still yet to leave
A sense of joy as we all grieve
Teach me how you always were
So I can accept personal surrender
Say the modern age is and must be blessed
And it seems the laws have earned their rest
Never elaborate, Never explain
Such a session to seek what to gain

Friday, May 17, 2013

The Conscience Dreams

Another possibility to lose the course
There are more ways to destroy the source
An ending without dismay
Couldn't find the correct day
Given to another soul
As if to replace fire with coal
The supplies are running short
By the want to distort
I still want to think I'm right
Still in mind and still in sight
All the damage cannot sink
With no time left to think
Gone, gone are its revisions
But what intellect lies the collisions
Logic could argue that it was taken 
And now the logic has been forsaken
No, no not again
And the conscience dreams now and then

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Heaven Falls

It starts with another name
And it always ends the same
The pillars to unify
Sometimes need the will to try
To find the other person you should be 
Just never really meant that much to me
Shadows the model wants to cast
Means nothing if it cannot last
There's a wish we all to be true
Though there remains a side we never knew
A corner that cannot be saved
Has the only hope we craved
Placed into another attempt
A consequence from which we are exempt
Heaven falls for the delirious 
The possibility can't be serious 
So where does the reason remain
I guess that's too difficult to explain

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Another Thought

Another Page, another title
Another thought that isn't vital
Not to erase, not to rewind
Not to destroy what's left behind
But review what is the same
As all the ideas came
Has it all been verified
All the matters never clarified
It's a shame the writings are a bore
Sometimes wishing it was something more
Another time, another tale
Another ideal that can't find the trail
What if they were just discarded
Though the sections are still uncharted
The guidelines set to follow
Sometimes seem to make it hollow
But what do the compositions need
It's just a sample of what you bleed
Another project, another book
Another action that didn't receive a look
A reflection of the cause of each creation
This remains without devastation
Leave the remains where they lie
Another way just to get by

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Virtues' Repentance

One so worthy of the rule 
Has portrayed another's fool
This is a chance to serve the sentence
Unless there is an act of repentance
 A variation in another spell
A new age of the times they tell
Find mysticism in every path
Just pride, lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, envy, and wrath
The virtues that see it all
It is the sins that cannot fall 
When these beliefs succumb to war
Some may ask "What are we fighting for?"
But there is an answer there
Because it is our cross to bear
The plots contained in adoration
And such is one who seeks gratification
A record of a further guide
Just like one who follows the tide
The virtues and vices that bring us here
Tried to capture themselves so clear

Monday, May 13, 2013

Delirium's Theorem

The spirit in the rising craze
Self-proclaimed saviors frozen in time's gaze
The words wanting to be clear
Are the words to never fear
A mockery within a vision
This expectation has precision
A chronicle that can't find the fall
Such is a chronicle that needn't stall
The allowable that never offends
Must never have to make amends
So is the being that man ponders
This being is the one that always wanders
A vantage point to never miss
A man has never lived to lived to tell of mortality's bliss
What to think of all the things we've spared
An attempted ideal that never flared
Is this the end of such a role
Make sure not to tell a soul

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Bring the Light

All is done to break the shape
The figures knows it can't escape
And when the stones begin to reign
There is not a defense to gain
Neglected in remaining ash
A new moment has caused the clash
A materialistic obsession
Created by each possession
As if to exorcise a healthy soul
Bring the light and spark the coal
Time to allow what will rise
Undefeated if the movement tries
Another idol, another reign
Another example of how to train
This exploration must be raised well
Just a concept others can't tell
There is no want to understand
If it shouldn't affect the life at hand

Saturday, May 11, 2013

On the Page

Unknown names remain on the stage
Targets unable to stay on the page
Another story promoting the glory
Joyful joyful we adore thee
Chronicles that make up a set
A creation that we can't get
 a difference between fantasy and fiction
Crooked in such a contradiction
Ways to deny as the failed rebel
A lie within reason is lie you can't tell
A contrast aging as well as fading
Fractures disorient all the trading
The sorrows come within waves
A hopeless emotion the sorrow craves 
Added on to all the noise
Do you agree with what your rank deploys
The forces are down with just a gaze
So sensitive explaining why it never stays

After the Fall

Another day to recall 
Wearing out after the fall
Losing a sense to allow the obscured
The services forgotten but prayers endured
Petitions promoted by an idol
Riveting figures to gain a title
Papers spoken now so out loud
The articles create a cloud
Side effects of this illusion
The merriment found in the conclusion
All the things never done
Is just a for of a tale and how it's spun
The items needed to proceed
Have been taken taken by the greed
During construction of the barrier
The messenger finally shot the carrier
When you think of two of a kind
What kind of image comes to your mind

Thursday, May 9, 2013

A Lost Foundation

Towers one cannot break
Must have a foundation a lifetime can't take
Unable to say what it was for
But assured it means no more
Ripples dissolve when ponds are blank
And the stone never sank
Summing up to more or less
More erosion of what we bless
A summary has an effect
Pertaining to the lies the tales collect
Though if you flip the switch and collect the tales
Than the righteous cause never fails
Such a comfort truths can't betray
All quotes saying "seize the day"
Living each day like it was your last
But its ending all too fast
When courage and impulse seem to blend
Fleeting the mind on what the spirits lend 

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Salute the Solution

A consequence that's always heard
A concept resisting the written word
Forethoughts working to contain truth
Another struggle to absolve youth
Old habits to slip into
An unwanted calamity claiming few
A fleeting image continues to fade
Such reflection and revision of every blade
So salute what you have left behind
And accept this new state of mind
Endings may be sad to see
But just withstand this tragedy
Another day we can't recall
As the spirits have seen all
Some say that it will never die
Others claim otherwise as they deny
Trampled into such a firm stance
By machines as the flames, they dance
Attempted in every wave
A situation that remains grave
This final season is a slip away
There are some things words just can't say

Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Spontaneously so it happens to break
A foundation is what's at stake
When a wish a becomes a desire
Vacating for one to conspire
Judgments bring a bliss to those
Craving power no one knows
The selfless acts have shown the way
How one deserves the right to stay
So typical when so excessive
Justifying the ways to be possessive
Ideals of a miracle from other beliefs
Enjoying condemnation of all the thieves
Hearts of mercy, hearts of gold
The fiction story always told
In time the authenticity fades
A specification has vanished over the decades
The ability to review such a refrain
Another thought escaping the rain

Monday, May 6, 2013


Pondering the match's strike 
Please clarify the blackened spike
The topic remains void of all perfection
A moral living inside such reflection
Locked upon uncategorization
Just a glimpse in a demonstration
Space for the manufactured ground
To feel on target and safe and sound
What can form, what can weather away
Lights forming beyond the grey 
Never met before the descent
Caused by hate and criminal intent
A defeat used as inspiration
Such a sinning inclination
Detachment from a mortality
Living for a spirituality
A reaction has never been
A lasting impression that twists the sin

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Royal Depression

A narrative that's so forgiving
Unable to sense whether or not we're living
Unable to tell when in the thread
Leaving behind a trail of people you have led
Listening as they conspire
And the damage will never tire
In a drift with the grains of sand
All the illness will take my hand
Formerly always formal
A distribution that can't be normal
A response spent so fast at this pace
It remains inevitable that they are just a trace
Variations have since gone within the vision
There is no tolerance with the decision
Suspicion, Suspicion is a just cause
This is the stone without the flaws
 Royally depressed with everything
These ideals have created my king

Saturday, May 4, 2013


Markings cannot be seen
If held and lost between
But the markings are the ones
Burning bright like a thousand suns
Duplicates can't withstand hope
Falling down a similar slope
When the artificial gleams its way there
This is how the spark seems to flare
Causing a rift along the coast
Just a ripple can mean the most
Follow the seasons as a guide
The markings I refuse to hide
Scars and stories make (mark) our way
Accept denial as a delay
A written intellect is embodied here
A verification it has made clear
All the words that mark your grave
Defines the legacy of what your marks gave

Friday, May 3, 2013

An Altercation

A tremor remains from a vibration
Still supporting this altercation
A life that calls for a toast
When all the words mean the most
When the bitter tale is told
Does the figure ever grow cold
It's all played out until the end
This way of life creates a trend
A production we introduce 
This introduction is a good excuse
Fitting freely in the shades
Passing time shows how continuity trades
This distaste is in the air
And this litany has found its pair
Depending on who you offer it to
Can mean less to me than you
This sacrifice has made this deal
And now we'll never break the seal

Thursday, May 2, 2013

All We Know

That obstacles that trap us still
The images we refuse to kill
An image of a way to go
Because this way is all we know
Once so detached some things cannot be found
Unless enough evidence is still around
If the difference is noted here
Then why does the end seem so near
When distraught and where do you turn
The answer depends on what you earn
It's just a depiction of someone's stance
This is an irrational way to perceive
Explaining what and why they believe
The retaliation still has a hold 
No matter the kindness told
The polar opposites are in a world together
A truth that I would never sever

Wednesday, May 1, 2013


The Lost succeed eventually
A revolution in a century
A sliver isn't worth a dime
Because no one fears the sliver's climb
A breath of air will bring delight
While the stars are burning bright
Now the stereotypes are a part of me
Stories of nature and self-pity
"I hate myself and hate my friends"
The normal poet's tragedy never ends
"I wrote this because she broke my heart"
"I wrote this because my life has been pulled apart"
"But I still love all the flowers"
"Because of the spirit that it empowers"
These are the words some live by
This is what we think we must apply
Living by a stereotype
Please do get caught up in all the hype