Wednesday, May 29, 2013


So many ways to go
Lead me to where you know
But where shall the lowly rest
Rising up from the confessed
Conform me and polish me down
As the noise begins to drown
Trained to be the one to take
Is it for life or death's sake
Air so sweet, air so sour
Yet not to lose the will or power
Unaware of what's occurred
Tell me what ideals are too absurd
This is the life to follow, because I can't lead
Spiraling out like the heroes at full speed
And this is the best lifestyle yet
Not living to feel regret
Find another way to rebel
Don't give in to the products they sell
If that side's wrong, then this one must be right
A mind confined to such a sight
So many ways to go
                      Going only to where the leaders show                    

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