Tuesday, May 28, 2013

What to Know

Now I don't know what to know
A crack that builds up but I can't show
There is filth within perfection
A fatality lies in the reflection
Coming out to only a silver stance
Why bring back a sliver of a glance
A million pages are not complete 
If they cannot use their feet
The division we all build
Is a manifestation of the dreams we killed
If that's the world that we defy
Then we must break every tie
The demise of a bitter end
Remains in the double-negative message to send
It's quite a goal to fill a page
With happiness, depression, empathy, and rage
The difference lies within the core
But can it mean any more
After all it is just ink
Trying to give one a new way to think
The propaganda that one has made
Is what remains as their story fades

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