Saturday, June 22, 2013

Glass Bricks

What is it all about
Another statement without doubt
Another statement without emotion
It's just a glimpse of the ocean
All so far from the mind
Farther than what's left behind
Here's a place, perfect space
Just try to find the grace
What does it all mean
What all have you seen
It all just seems to click
Glass houses throw no stones, but bricks
The seconds that will always live
Spectacles one will always give
Such a way to behold
Different from what others told
Bricks of glass are so divine
Bricks of glass, why aren't you mine
You are there, you are theirs
Saving time for solar flares
Melt the glass
Seconds pass
Just a way to break the ice
Recognizing the precise
This is a peculiar section
And no sense in the affection
It's a love, satisfaction
Out the open window with the distraction

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