Saturday, June 22, 2013

Red Red Revolver

I think I found the best fit
A cell locked away in a pit
And now this fortune is for sale
A map of your future cannot fail
This is what I was told
Light the ink so the words don't grow cold
Red Red Revolver let's play a game
If I die you're still the same
And this is where I stand
This machine is part of my hand
A chamber where some want to be
A chamber holding just these three
The father showed the son the holy shell
A place from grace that never fell
And so a shell is all that remains
Watching as the color drains
But the color stains just as so
The only outstretched arm one seems to know
When there is nothing to hold on to
A familiar handle feels so true
Red Red Revolver I've buried the ash
I can feel it when our lives clash
I hope you know you're in my sight
But when I'm in yours I can't withstand the fight
The cylinder I wish to be
'Tis the cylinder that some flee
A hammer stronger than I've ever known
One prepared to strike the bone
Red Red Revolver we've come to grips
And so many have kissed your lips
The judgement to keep one on guard 
So one shall not pull the trigger too hard
And now the bullet's at the ready
Be sure to aim so slow and steady
And now I know with trust I place
Primer and powder within the case
Shocked and in awe close to the muzzle 
A way for some to solve the puzzle
 And the barrel will contain 
All the secrets kept by the flame

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