Sunday, June 23, 2013

What Remains?

All pleasures fade away
But do all horrors decay
Happiness conquers all
Depression will be your downfall
You can’t live happiness
Some say ignorance is bliss
Love will last forever
Anger will never surrender
Feeling guilty is never good
Our confusion is understood
Favored minds accept favored things
The rich and wise make good kings
Reminisce fallen memories
No one knows what the tremor means
Sick at heart and sick in soul
Give back all the truth you stole
And so to lie is to die
But to live is to give
Can this all be true
Can this really help you
Are honesty and truth the same
Or is it just another accepted claim
Can we decide what is evil or good
Can the truth even be understood
I wish these questions would be
A way for some to finally see
This light that others refuse
But this light will never lose
 And a necessary stitch seems to contain
An ode of justice to end the pain
But it also has to seal
The wounds that one might fear to heal
But an array of books can only go so far
Until they’re burned to light the dark
A past that remains unseen
By the eyes who reject the mean
The thinking is just a new way to believe
Goals not once or ever achieved
All I think is all I thank
If these are waves of mercy than my ship sank
Clever stanzas lie in the past
Making a voice for all the last
But the present can’t accept a factor obscure
But the present cannot ignore
The words may be discarded but take a look
 It still may lie in a dusty book
Stay on page
Another act of rage
That’s an opinion as a matter of fact
Ideals are the ones that cracked
Translate what’s in your head
To all the words that can be read
That’s what I meant to say but I can’t think
As it’s all just a matter of ink
Stay on page as the spirals fade
Know the words will be the way they were made
Everything just feels so clear
My path has found me and it is here
Spontaneously safe along the end
A dosage of this crooked trend
Containing reason as a strand
Remember just where you stand
One inclined to write demise
A newborn feeling is on the rise 
Reciprocating a distorted mind
All these things I refuse to find
Just an effort lost in vain
 Deny the acceptance to be sane
What power lies in a drowning fire
No reason to ever admire
Never know what a word will mean
Now part of a different scene
 So should we raise the stakes
The answer lies in the burning lake
What lies within the abyss
This world remains with its twisted bliss
The sun will give birth to a new day
And the moon will stay until the stars decide to stray
All days seem to leave a trait behind
All restrictions seem to shackle a free mind
Minds contained within the glass
Though this is the one no one seems to pass
And in the time of this destination
In the time of hope’s creation
We will be as one
We will fight for none
And you can’t take our mind and you can’t take our soul
And you can’t take our lives and just let go
But maybe next time we might find some other way
And maybe next time we might be the ones astray
But as we wait for another day to go by
Did you ever stop and ask why
Do the days go by in a blur
It’s hard to remember where you were
We should learn to enjoy the little things
Where they will take us and what they bring
That’s why regretting is not a way to live
Wasting all the remarks you give
I accept it loud and clear
You can’t escape what you fear
Truth lies behind all the riddles
Art is portrayed in all the fiddles
We all want to play a role
In the story and how it’s told
Days are endless and yet the same
But these are the tragedies we live to claim
Past the sky is where we try to reach
We do not want all that we beseech
Strive to strain the strength
We learn to let life gain length
But the sharper the edge the shorter the sword
We do not state all we record
But why if life is a one shot chance
And later you get a second glance
This life is not a game to play
Or at least that’s what they say
So for the life we have grown
Not the right, not the known
Not the truth or a lie
Just a spirit to try
Do all phrases mean the most
When the mind is the words host
Or can it only come from the heart
For complications of love and hate to ever start
Because the heart hates just as much
As the love it used as a crutch
We believe hate is only in the hearts of the hollow
But take a look at who you follow
These bitter words ring so true
When they are a part of you
These bitter words are a beacon
If you say that than why not speak them
Because the capacity seems to fade
For the letters one has made
Write about the trouble you’ve had
And it becomes the latest fad
You can really get a story sold
If the concept isn’t too bold
Policies tell us what to say and what to do
They’ll make you into something that isn’t you
They’ll kill our true form
They make us become reborn 
But in the end words are true, words are us
Words still can save us from the rust
Words are you, words are me
Word teach us the harmony
In the mind, in the plan
Remember just where you stand
Let’s rewind, restart this thought
Truthful words are what we sought

Thank you for reading! More poems to come by September at the latest (Hopefully Sooner). I hope you all enjoyed these (mostly) brief pieces and I'm glad you took the time to read them.


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