Thursday, October 10, 2013

Signs of Praise

How'd you like to find the time
To be the hero of another climb 
To be the victim of another fall
How do we sustain it all
A reason spirit, A fallen leader
Coming soon to the nearest theater
Searching for enduring remains
Just to see what one contains
All the things that some can't hear
Seem to be a fraction of the spear
All discussions seem so deadly
When they correspond to the medley
Just as twisted as it is symphonic
Watching as some become neurotic
With the status to review the references
You must consider their different preferences
Can't I wish to stop this phase
Examining as no one stops these ways
So you must begin again 
Understanding only then
All these lovely, vacant signs
All the different shades and designs
But I cannot see this right
Through the consistency of corrupted light
Having yet another corrupted vision
Longing for one more decision
Not correct to have a say
Broken glass shall pave the way
Knowing that it can't all be true
Forget to factor in what's new
You had me at the perfect praise 
But promise me you'll stop this phase
All the majorities that never cease
It's all about keeping the peace
I can't explain and I couldn't begin
Because of the lesson that we are in
And though some may view this as the past
I hope you know that these ways will last
All the curtains add suspense 
Wondering what lies beyond the fence
In and out of another craze
It's just a view on another phase
But it cannot go away
A different fiction to portray
Seeming to make matters worse
You are my gift beloved curse

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