Monday, October 7, 2013

Unheard Voices

Ribbons lost in every word
For some thoughts remain unheard
Every idea, every name
Why must we remain the same
Troubled minds with troubled fashions
Love, it gives, but hate, it rations
There are those who cannot speak
Some will try with a voice too weak
How will they make it across
The chasm of impending loss
How will we fight what we fear
Live each smile and each tear
Please ignore the thoughts that go
Every arrow needs a bow
Every phrase needs a thought
A meaning so sincere it can’t be bought
Name the times you were not true
But what do the names mean to you

I apologize for the fact that this took me longer to post than I expected But I'm back to posting poems. i don't know if I'll be posting poems daily anymore either but I will still always post when i have something. I pretty much used all of my archives and therefore I don't have as much material on hand but i will continue writing and make sure to keep this updated.
Thanks for reading.

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