Thursday, November 28, 2013

Time's Theft

The beings have nothing left to borrow
So content in their own sorrow
There seems to be no cause for relief
Because time happens to be the only thief
What occurs to the best
Must have always been forever blessed
Trying to cause the weak who will
Just to find the proper fill
And I wish to say not to despair
But some want to have their share
What a sight to behold
As another concept's sold
And from all logic one can infer
That things are not the way they were
Everything will always 

From Fear to Fall

One so guilty of falling here
Claims to have escaped each fear
Looks at the world in a new way
Loves to live for every day
But cannot see wrong from right
And cannot see why there is spite
One can only hope for the best
I don't know what the statement addressed
Unable to tell if the phase will pass
Put yourself in a different class
It can all be a wish come true
If you only see one point of view
We all see what we want to see
Accepting only who we want to be
There is no concern in this happy place
Because it's just a void in space
And though it is the perfect "where"
Many will no longer see the spare