Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Persistence's Struggle

Some are clear, others contained
Looking back at all who's reigned
But there's nothing to look for
Wondering who's keeping score
Premeditated in a sense
Added to the next offense
It's not normal just to stay
Still and solemn in a proper way
Find new ways to get ahead
Unaware that others fled
Unaware of what to find
And how the plots have intertwined
It's just as easy as letting go 
But the question is never so
Find new reasons to ignite
The tenacity made me lose my sight
I think I've finally found the one 
Persisting just to see the sun 

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Regards to Acceptance

Not a bad place to find
Others in this state of mind
It is nice to have found more
Another behind every door
Some things others can't say
May finally reach the light of day
A new acceptance to those
Who can see more than what shows
And we can't disregard this skill 
As another frozen still
Finding some who know how to speak
While they're searching for what to seek
And do not listen to the ones
Who say they know how the story runs
Because it truly is a waste
If you confine to where your placed
There's something to it I can't explain
Especially to those who claim they're sane

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Shattered Alignment

If it can't be saved then it can't be written
While all the others refuse to listen
Another review of what shall be
As some align themselves happily
A plethora of mistaken light
As the shattered image dawns overnight
 Clusters are the words to speak
Such a tale of what we seek
Find a new way to stand
As the fractures segments disband
All the strands must be precise
And the praise isn't worth the price
The winning prize is left on a string
Oh disguise, what a lovely thing
It's no surprise to where we lean
An analysis of the discarded screen
All the theories that we condone
Will eventually disprove us on their own